Zija International Review – Honest Company Review

Is this a legitimate company or is it just a scam? I know this question may be ringing bells in your mind especially if you have ever been approached by someone whether in person or on social media concerning Zija Reviews.

I know you are more cautious because this individual promised you heaven in terms of the huge sum of money you were to make or even the unassailable health benefits from the products which you never saw.

I understand your efforts and frustrations that are why with great pleasure I am welcoming you to my Zija International Review. Unlike all the other Zija Reviews that ripped you off, this one is ABSOLUTELY a third party and in no way am I affiliated with this company at all.

We have consulted a range of independent reviewers to get a broad range of opinions on this company and can now provide you with our honest review.

I have some good news for you in this post. I am going to take you through the company profile, her products and the compensation thereof so that you will have adequate knowledge that will help you make a sound decision. Let’s begin the walk.

The Company Profile

The founder of Zija International is none other than Kenneth E. Brailsford and its C.E.O is Ryan Palmer.

As of the time of this post, Zija is one decade old and has been treading in receiving various awards. Recently, the company received an award by Utah Business Magazine entitled “Fastest Growing Company in Utah”.

That should tell you that Zija is really thriving in this competitive environment. This could be accredited to our huge human resource capital which comprises of more than 200 people.In addition, the great success of this Company could be attributed to its large warehouse, shipping and manufacturing structures in Utah, the United States that is more than 4 million square feet.

The Zija International Company headquarter offices are in Lehi and its operation are in over 50 countries all around the world. It specializes in natural health, wellness and also in beauty products. It is right to say, so far so good.

Let me introduce you to the products of this Company. Zija International ProductsBasically, the company is comprised of a variety of products which are stuck into four major categories namely:Weight Management SystemLiquid NutritionalEnergy and PerformanceSkin Care.

Let me now walk you through each category.

Weight Management System

In this group, we have all the products in the other categories except in Skin Care. You will get diverse supplements (9 in number) that will help you support your weight loss goals.

They include: XMBurn – this is a supplement that burns fatXMprotein – this is a protein powderXMpm – this is a supplement that is taken at night and has Moringa Oleifera.

Moringa is a great food that contains much of vitamins and antioxidants. XMam – it is a morning supplement and it has MoringaSmartMix and SuperMix – these are vitamins and minerals that contain Moringa XM and Energy Mix – this is an energy booster that contains Moringa Premium Tea – this tea contains blend of eastern and western herbs that detox your bodyDaily tea – this tea contains Moringa

Liquid Nutritionals

This category contains supplements like SmartMix and SuperMix. Both of them contain Moringa Oleifera ingredient. By now you know what Moringa is. Basically, we may say these are vitamins and mineral based.

Let’s move on.Energy & PerformanceThis category has XMprotein Powder, XM + Energy Mix, and the XM3 Energy Drink. The basic content of these products is a powerful stimulant called Caffeine. The real XM3 Energy drink contains green tea extract, ginseng and also fruit pectin.

Skin Care

This category has a mix various kind of cleansers and serum’s and of course Moringa. The various skin care products include: Rehydrating MistEye Serum Zija Oil Body Oil Daily Moisturizer Creamy Face Cleanser Spa Masque Anti-Aging Night RepairHaving known the Zija’s products, you might be anxious to see the money.

And that’s exactly what am taking you through next but let’s know the cost of joining Zija before you enjoy your compensation.

Cost to Join Zija

Similar to the other genuine MLM companies, Zija requires you to pay a membership fee before you join. This fee is a combination of 3 namely:

IR Enrolment fee – This fee is usually $41.90 and it includes your distributor kit, newbie representative forms, and diverse marketing brochures.

Z3 Pack – it includes everything in IR Enrolment fee plus various products. The fee is $299.95

Z5 Pack – is Z3 Pack plus more products.

It totals to $499.95

And now to the long awaited moment:

The Compensation Plan

For better comprehension, I got a great video for you that explains everything about Zija compensation plan. Watch it and make the right decision.

The Verdict

After watching that video, now you have the answer for the first question that rung in your mind. Zija is not a scam. Any Zija Scam Reviews you come across it is either from marketers who destroy the reputation of other companies for their own benefits or from failed distributors who are pissed off.

To be honest, you must build your contact list and have the right skills to make money in Zija because this is a BUSINESS, not a lottery. If you are clueless on how to build your business, I will teach you how I leverage my internet to attract people to myself instead of chasing them.